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Membership Terms of Use
What You Need To Know About Your LifeLine Truckers Membership:

Please review the Terms and Conditions of your Membership with LifeLine Truckers. (“LifeLine”).


Please retain these terms for your records. You have accepted these terms as a condition precedent to making your application for membership.
You understand that your membership is your personal relationship with LifeLine Truckers and that in order to receive the benefits of membership that you must present your card to the participating retailer or preferred supplier and that your card is neither transferable nor may it be used by anyone other than you. You also understand that at the end of your membership period you will have to rejoin to continue to receive the benefits of LifeLine membership. If you fail to renew after the expiry of your membership you will no longer be entitled to any of the rights or benefits as a former member of LifeLine Truckers.

1.       This is LifeLine agreement with you as a member and the provisions sets out the Terms of Use for your membership.
2.       Throughout this document, the word(s) us, we and our(s) means LifeLine Truckers (or “LifeLine”):1

You agree:
*      Not to resell, transfer or share your membership (or membership card) with anyone else;
*      Not to disclose or share any unique identifier issued to you by LifeLine Truckers with anyone else;
*      Not to disclose or share any retailer code, access number or invitation code provided to you, either by LifeLine Truckers or a participating retailer, from time to time;
*      To keep your LifeLine Truckers Membership Card with you and to present it each time that you are seeking to use it with a participating retailer;
*      That this agreement cannot be changed by you; and
*      No oral representation of any sales representative, agent, officer or employee of ours (or of our preferred suppliers) shall vary the terms of this agreement.

Acceptance of Terms of Usage
3.       By removing your membership card from its mailer, you agree that you have read and understood all the terms of usage herein, and that any information you have provided to LifeLine is current and accurate. You also agree to notify LifeLine of any changes when they occur.
          By accessing the Members Only section of this website, even once, you are deemed to have accepted all of the Terms and Conditions found herein, or as may otherwise be applicable to your membership with LifeLine Truckers.
          If you decide that you do not wish to accept these terms and condition, or of the terms of use for this site, or the contest rules issued by LifeLine Truckers, from time to time, or at any time, you may return the unopened package to LifeLine truckers and your membership fee will be refund, less a ten (10%) administration fee, to the costs included by LifeLine Truckers of preparing, issuing and mailing you a membership card and package.

Relationship with Participating Retailers and Preferred Suppliers
4.       You acknowledge and agree that although the LifeLine Truckers has made and will continue to make arrangements with participating retailers (usually called “Preferred Suppliers”) that LifeLine is not itself the supplier of any of the contracted goods and services. Each retailer is a separate and distinct entity from LifeLine Truckers.
5.       As respecting insurance coverage, the LifeLine has made an arrangement with an insurance broker, or brokers, who have agreed to provide LifeLine preferred terms for our members. It is acknowledged and understood that an insurance contract is subject to the numerous conditions precedent and subsequent that LifeLine Truckers is not privy to and what particular rate a prospective, or current member, may obtain is beyond the control of LifeLine. Such rates are an amalgam of factors, including a member’s safety, driving and claims record, the vehicles, the geographic location and the type of usage by the member. Ultimately a member’s relationship with his insurer, is unique with them and LifeLine makes no warranty or representation that any members, or prospective member, is insurable or upon what terms and conditions.
6.       While the LifeLine will use it best efforts to maintain the highest quality and widest range of discounts possible, the LifeLine is only able to assure a member, or prospective member, of what is being offered by participating retailers or preferred retailers (upon the terms and conditions those third parties have provided to LifeLine). LifeLine endeavours to ensure that the information it provides is up-to-date and accurate at the time it is given and members acknowledge that information is subject to change over time.
7.       LifeLine will endeavour to keep its circulars, and brochures up to date, but a member shall be responsible to ascertain whether any particular promotion or discount is available by referring to the LifeLine’s web site on the day and time of signing and thereafter at the time that they enter into a transaction with the retailer or preferred supplier in question.
8.       At the present time, in order to qualify for a volume discount on fuel, LifeLine members will need to sign up for a separate card with the participating retailer(s).
9.       All offers made by Bell Mobility to the LifeLine’s members are offers from Bell Mobility, as the LifeLine cannot bind Bell Mobility and each member will have entered into a service contract with Bell Mobility.
          LifeLine Truckers relationship with its other preferred suppliers, and those of its members to those preferred suppliers are subject to similar terms and conditions.
10.     The LifeLine is not affiliated with any hotel chain or chains and members must make the arrangements with the hotel directly, with their membership card and their LifeLine corporate ID number to qualify for the discount. The offer of the discount comes from the hotel chains to the members directly.

Third Party Applications/Services
9.       LifeLine is not responsible or liable to you as a member for any content, applications or services provided to you by a third party, including any participating retailers or preferred supplier who provides, or may provide, LifeLine members with goods and/or services at a discount or on other preferred terms or at special rates.

Lost or Stolen Cards
10.     If your LifeLine membership card is lost or stolen during the period of time that you are a member please advise immediately, relating in detail the circumstances of your loss. LifeLine will cancel the old card and re-issue another card to the end of the same period. An administrative fee and/or shipping charges may apply.

Termination of Membership
11.     We are not responsible or liable to any member, or members, for a member that voluntarily terminates their membership. In the event of such a termination, LifeLine’s total obligation is to return to the former member that prorated portion of the membership that relates to any remaining full months in the member’s original term. No cancellation will result in a refund of greater than ninety (90) percent of the membership fee paid, irrespective of when notice of termination is given to LifeLine.

Termination by LifeLine
12.     LifeLine may only cancel a membership for cause and its total liability for doing so will not exceed the original amount paid by the former member, after taxes paid have been deducted.

13.     If you or any member known to you encounters any difficulty in obtaining the discounts or services that LifeLine advertises for its members, please let us know by sending us an e-mail and the LifeLine’s staff will see what it can do to assist you in obtaining the discounts or preferred pricing applicable to the retailer or preferred supplier.

14.     The LifeLine will take all reasonable steps to protect the confidentiality of any member information in its database, including without limiting the generality of the foregoing any names, numbers and address obtain from members. Information will normally only be released by LifeLine if it is required to provide any member, or members, with the services or products LifeLine has offered, if the member consents and where it is required or made pursuant to a legal power or authority. Save in these instances membership information will not be voluntarily released by us to anyone other than the members, or the person or persons needed to fulfill LifeLine’s obligation to its members.
LifeLine may also provide information to others at the request of a member, to an agent retained by us to collect any outstanding balances owed to us by a member, or to perform other administrative functions for us, provided that the information is released solely for those purposes, or to a law enforcement agency whenever we have reasonable grounds to believe that a member, or group of members, have knowingly supplied us with false or misleading information or are otherwise involved in unlawful activities directed against LifeLine, its retail sponsors and our preferred suppliers.

Limits on LifeLine’s Liability
15.     LifeLine will not be liable to a member, or prospective, or former member or anyone else (expect for physical injuries as a result of our gross negligence) for: any damages, including loss of profit, loss of earnings, financial loss, loss of business opportunities, personal injury, death or any other loss however caused, resulting directly or indirectly in connection with the terms and conditions herein or from a member, or members, use of any service or discount with a third party provider, with whom LifeLine has arranged for a package of services or discounts; for any acts or omissions of any third party provider in delivering to a LifeLine members such services, whether discounted or otherwise; or for defamation or copyright infringement that results from or with any communications between LifeLine members and such third party providers. These limits apply to any act or omission of our employees, our agents, representatives, which would otherwise be a cause of action in contract, tort, equity or any other doctrine of law.

No Binding Authority
16.     No member, or group of members, either individually or collectively shall have any express or implied authority to bind the corporation.

17.     From time to time LifeLine will issue certain identifiers to its members. Some of these identifies may be, or will be, unique to the member, or some unique to a group of members, or to LifeLine Truckers itself. All of these identifiers are the exclusive property of LifeLine Truckers and it may change, delete or add identifiers as it deems necessary provided only that it gives it current members ten (10) days notice of any change affecting that member or group.

Intellectual Property
18.     The LifeLine reserves all of its legal, equitable, statutory, regulatory and other rights of any form whatsoever in its printed and published materials, irrespective of the medium of publication and it expressly reserves all of its above-mentioned rights to its trade-names, trademarks, copy right and other intellectual property. No one may use such intellectual property without the prior written consent of LifeLine and any violation of its rights, directly or indirectly, will entitle the LifeLine to all of the rights and remedies available to it in law, or equity.

Members Cards
20.     LifeLine membership cards are, and remain, the property of the LifeLine; however, during the currency of any annual membership a particular LifeLine member has an exclusive license to the use and enjoyment of that card, and all of the rights, privileged, discounts and benefits associated therewith. That license expires either upon the anniversary date of the purchase of that membership or if the member violates the terms of these terms of use, or any other violation of LifeLine’s standard terms and conditions applicable to its members or through the operation of law.

Corporate Accounts
21.     Where a corporation or other organization sponsors or buys a block of memberships for its members, such group purchases may be signified on the LifeLine membership card issued to the individual members of that corporation or organization, their affiliation with that corporation or organization, but such a designation is neither required nor guaranteed. If during the course of any particular year an individual member leaves that corporation or organization, they will take their LifeLine membership with them, and be subject to renewal as a former (and continuing) member irrespective of their change of employ or circumstances. The LifeLine’s relationship is always with the individual member and its agreement with the corporation or organization is merely an arrangement of convenience.

Volume Discounts
22.     If as a result of an arrangement with the LifeLine a member, or group of members obtain their membership at a discount in any year, or years, this is not a representation or warranty that you, he, she or they will be either entitled to or offered a similar discount in any subsequent year or years, as such arrangements are made solely in the unfettered discretion of LifeLine’s management on a case by case basis.

Pricing is Discretionary
23.     LifeLine makes no representation or warranty to any prospective member, members or group of prospective members, or members, that it will offer them, or anyone else, a particular discount. Discounts if they are offered are offered in the sole and unfettered discretion of LifeLine, its officers, directors and agents. No member who has, or pays, a different price from any other member, or group of members, is entitled to any adjustment, any refund, partial refund or reimbursement of any kind as a result of such a disparity, whether real, perceived or prospective.

Arbitration at LifeLine's Option
24.     Any claim, dispute or controversy (whether in contract or tort, pursuant to statute, regulation or otherwise and whether pre-existing, present or future) arising out of or related to: a) this agreement; b) the sale of memberships; c) or of the benefits of membership offered by the LifeLine to its members, from time to time; or d) any oral or written statements, or advertisements or promotions relating to this agreement or the sale of memberships, will be determined by arbitration or through resource to the Courts of Ontario, at LifeLine's sole opinion and with notice to the allegedly aggrieved members. Members agree by using their membership cards to waive any right they may have to commence or participate in any class action against LifeLine related to any Claim and, where applicable, they, you, he or she also agree(s) to opt out of any class proceedings against us. Arbitration will be conducted by one arbitrator pursuant to the laws and rules relating to commercial arbitration in the province of Ontario, irrespective of where the allegedly grieved member resides at the time and date of any notice given under this provision, or under these Terms of Use, or pursuant to LifeLine’s standard Terms and Conditions. See below for delivery of notices.

Changes to Discounts and Services
25.     The LifeLine will endeavour to retain and maintain a consistent level of membership benefits, but some benefits and discounts are time limited. In an effort to keep its members informed of the latest news on existing and planned benefit and discount packages the LifeLine will post all such news on the web site. Because the benefit and discount packages are set by third parties over which the LifeLine has no control, the LifeLine cannot guarantee that any particular benefit or discount will be available at any time other than when it is posted on the site and subject to any further limitations found therein. Some discounts or preferred pricing may be terminated by a sponsor, or preferred supplier, without prior notice to LifeLine and thus, without prior notice to its members. In such an event, LifeLine shall have no obligation to its members other than to give them notice of such termination, change or amendment, once it has been made aware of those terms and conditions.

New Products and Services
26.     The LifeLine intends to pursue new products and services, as well as, better discounts or features to its present discounts and membership benefits, but because the LifeLine is dealing at arm’s length with its suppliers it cannot guarantee what the form of these benefits will take at any particular time.

27.     All legal notices must be forwarded to LifeLine Logistic Services Inc., Legal Dept., Suite 180, 762 Upper James Street, Hamilton, Ontario, L9C 3A2. If legal service is to be made on the Corporation, then by making prior arrangements an effort will be made to facilitate such service.

Changes to Terms of Use
28.     These Terms of Use are subject to change without prior notice in the sole and unfettered discretion of the LifeLine.

29.     These Terms of Use are deemed to be incorporated into LifeLine’s standard Terms and Conditions from time to time, and at any time.

Print a Hardcopy of these Terms of Use
30.     Please print out a hardcopy of these Terms of Use for your records.

¹ "LifeLine Truckers" is a trade name for LifeLine Logistic Services Inc.

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