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LifeLine Truckers Logistic Services Inc. (“LifeLine”) recognizes that truckers’ incomes have not kept up with the cost of living. Rising costs of operation, decreasing rates, increased regulation and obtaining competitive insurance coverage are all serious problems facing the industry.

LifeLine Truckers is doing something about that.

We have sought out preferred suppliers of products and services who want to help truckers make ends meet.

Introductory Offer - 41 cents a Day

“If you got it, a trucker brought it” is more than a slogan here, it’s an acknowledgment importance of truckers to our economy.

So to all truckers, thank you, we appreciate it.

In order to gain access to the benefits and offers that LifeLine Truckers has arranged the reader will have to buy a membership.

We invite truckers and commercial travelers to join us. We think that we have a lot to offer and hope that you will agree.



... And More!

LifeLine Truckers working on, or in negotiations with, more companies to obtain their products or services, including:

  • Additional discounts for fuel are being pursued.
  • A discount on the purchase of a new trucks
  • Restaurants and fast food chains

LifeLine Truckers continues to pursue discounts and preferred pricing from the best national, regional and local suppliers. Future offers will be posted on this website when they are available.

In order to benefit from membership each reader will have to join LifeLine Truckers association individually.
Your membership card is your identification as a member and evidence of your eligibility to participate in, or accept, the offers made by our preferred suppliers. Protect your investment and keep your membership card in a safe, but accessible place.

The rights and privileges of membership are set forth herein and the obligations of membership are set out in LifeLine Truckers Terms and Conditions and membership card usage is covered by our Terms of Use agreement.

How members get their discounts or preferred prices are found in the Members Only section of this website.

Wanted - Alive and Competitive!

Donations to the SickKids® Foundation
Many of LifeLine Truckers Preferred Suppliers have agreed to make donations to the SickKids® Foundation.  If our membership would like to give too, please click here for more information.

LifeLine Truckers strives to keep its benefits accurate and up-to-date; however, it is our preferred suppliers who have made their offers to our members not LifeLine Truckers itself. As such, members must satisfy themselves of the value they will receive by accepting any one, or more, of those offers. Members are also required to comply with whatever conditions those preferred suppliers require in order to receive the offered benefit(s).

All offers presented are those of the applicable preferred supplier. Each offer may be subject to terms or conditions of use. No offer is guaranteed by LifeLine. E. & O.E.

[1] Plus 911 service ($0.75), a system access fee ($6.95) and applicable taxes.

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